Urban Services

Our rates are as follows:
30 minutes..........$35
60 minutes..........$75
90 minutes..........$95

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Napa Valley Style Massage
Inspired by the indulgent Napa Valley, this treatment focuses on relaxation, circulation, and rejuvenation. Therapeutic massage includes a dry brushing  to expose fresh skin cells, hot and cozy towels on well-deserving hands and feet, and a moisturizing face massage with rosé-water soaked cucumbers on the eyes to leave you feeling refreshed and wonderful.

Urban Bodywork
The human body is a very complicated temple of existence, and each one very unique with particular needs. This session is best for someone who requires more clinical attention and injury or pain management of particular individual body parts. Bodywork sessions combine indirect heat from hot stones or cryotherapy, myofascial release techniques, deep tissue strokes, and passive and active stretches.

Signature Hot Stone Massage
The profound soothing effects of hot stones have been recognized by the East Indians, Native Americans, and other cultures around the world for centuries. Not only were they valued for spiritual healing, but they quickly enhance the softening if physical tightness, tenderness, fatigue, and soothe symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Although often considered a luxury, we found them very valuable in treating the person as well as the body.

Soul Medicine
For those who seek emotional and spiritual healing. Energy healing is customized, personal, and important for releasing emotional burdens, affirming life choices, and healing soul imprints of past, present, and future lives. Coming from a place of compassion, we open and charge the sacred chakras with crystals and guided meditation.  Elements of massage and hot stones are used to calm the body -all the while 'tuning in' to receive and interpret messages, visions, and feelings from Source. The experience has been noted as being very relaxing, grounding, and empowering.

Australian Foot Treatment
If you have sore, dry, damaged feet this treatment is for you. A pumice and apricot scrub containing tea tree oil, wild mint, and wintergreen is applied dry and followed by hot towel swaddling. While your tootsies are 'marinating' enjoy a few minutes of neck and shoulder massage. Then, an intensive foot massage with a balm containing aloe Vera and chamomile to aid in proper circulation. To end, tea tree oil and peppermint oils are dabbed between toes and nail beds. You will have the cleanest and most refreshed toes on the block! 30 min. Recommended pairing with a half hour or one hour massage.

Urban Arm Treatment
Most of us do not realize just how much abuse our arms and hands endure on the daily, whether you are at a computer, jewelry maker, or tattoo artist, they need loving kneads too! This treatment encompasses myofascial release, muscle stripping with hot stones, a sugar scrub, massage, and ending with cuticle oil to top off those pampered paws! 30 min. Commended pairing with a half hour or one hour massage.

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